25 Simple Ways to go green in the office

We spend most of our time in offices. That is why if we want to follow Green living, our office also should be Green. Here are some techniques to make your office green.

1. Waste papers should go into shredder or recycler.

2. Before recycling, use blank side of waste papers to do rough work.

3. Don’t print or copy if not required. 4.  Make printing on both sides of paper and double-sided photocopy compulsory at your office.

5. Maintain different bins for different recyclable materials and recycle it. Give importance to waste management.6. Use reusable coffee mugs and glass instead of plastic cups. Consider gifting all employees coffee mugs and glass on which company logo is printed. 7. Remind staff to turn off lights or terminals when not in use.

8. To save electricity, put computers, printers, copiers and fax machines in standby or sleep mode after about 20 minutes of inactivity. The shorter the period, the more energy is saved.

9. During lunchtime, tea-coffee breaks, meetings turn off lights, ACs and devices of your workplace.

10. Make your websites green. Background black and text white. If background is black, it consumes less energy.

11. Instead of taking elevators use stairs. You will save energy and have exercise too!

12. Avoid keeping unnecessary extra equipment, share as much as you can in between each other to reduce energy consumption.

13. Every day before leaving for home, checkout you have switched off all equipment you use.

14. Provide task lighting instead of lighting up whole office room.

15. Promote day lighting in offices.

16. Reduce use of toilet papers.

17.  Introduce water efficient taps or half-flush toilets.

18.  If there is any leakage in office, toilets treat it immediately.

19. If you have half-used bottle of water lying around the office, use it to water the plants in or around office.

20. When it is weekend check all equipment computers, copiers, projectors, fax machines, coffee maker, kettle, microwave etc are switched off and unplugged. Also, make sure all taps are rightly closed and not dripping.

21. Try not to provide car to everybody in office. Arrange transport for employees so that instead of separate vehicle they will share one vehicle.

22. Hold a contest among employees with a prize for the best ideas for reducing waste and cutting energy consumption in your company’s daily operations. Award a green employee every month.
23. Make No Smoking policy in office to maintain good airquality in workplace.

24. Organize tree plantation program for employees around and in office. You can also grow plants in office indoors.

25. Lastly, if any co-worker or even cleaner in your office is unaware of energy conversation, talk to them and make them aware by sharing these green tips.


Here is a special poster I made, which we use in our office…
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