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Sustainability Tribe previously known as lead-green-lifestyle.blogspot.com is UAE’s first Sustainable Lifestyle blog founded by a sustainability industry insider in 2009.

This blog is educating UAE residents since then about region specific sustainability in their daily routine. How their daily choices impact environment and what are ways to live sustainable lifestyle in UAE and Middle East.

This is your go to guide to living an ethical, environmentally conscious and socially mindful life in UAE and beyond.

It’s not just any other green living or Eco blog on internet but it is authored by an experienced sustainability professional, who is an expert in the field and has been practicing sustainable lifestyle before it became a trend! You will find her tried and tested sustainable lifestyle hacks not just relatable but achievable in your daily routine. Meet Amruta to know more about Sustainability Tribe’s founder and how her journey of spreading environmental and sustainability awareness started back in 2009!

Sustainability Tribe is unique in one more way, this awareness blog has positive outlook about environment! Though situation is not always positive and sometimes the climate change news and facts even feel apocalyptic; we want our readers to take their positive foot forward and stay determined for the positive future!


What can you find on Sustainability Tribe?

Green Living
 is basically a sustainable lifestyle guide for everyone, where you can find how to follow sustainability principals in your daily routine. You will find ways to make your home greener and some ideas for  Eco-friendly DIY and green beauty. Plus Sustainable food and Ethical fashion to clarify any confusion about how exactly food and fashion can be sustainable.

Here are some must read articles, What is sustainability?  What is sustainable food?

This year we have started Zero Waste UAE campaign to make people aware about ultimate sustainable lifestyle where you go beyond recycling and try to achieve zero waste.

In ‘Green Parenting’ you find ways of living green with your kids to give them healthier, happier childhood. Also you will find how to make kids Eco-aware from early on, right from infant stage along with our favorite fun learning kids Eco activities.

Nurture Nature section is dedicated to environmental awareness about UAE’s natural environment. Have a look and get positively surprised about what biodiversity you can find in this ‘sandpit’! You will soon get to read here conservation efforts from around the world.

Having wanderlust genes inherited from her father Amruta is an avid traveler but an Eco traveler. Under ‘Eco Travels section you can find her self-explored sustainable travel stories. You will find lot of useful tips on how to travel responsible.

Get Involved is a section dedicated to you all, our readers! Don’t miss Start Here guide which will help you start your sustainable lifestyle journey or even take it to next stage. Be Eco Aware is place where you will find many environmental awareness efforts from around the world over past many years. UAE residents can find all about Joining campaigns and volunteering.

Talk sustainability is coming soon, so stay tuned!

Green Consumer is the place where you can find authentic sustainable products and services. Society is still perplexed by ‘short term going green’ which is not always the solution of long term sustainability. Plus many organizations green wash their products or services to add more ambiguity. So we wanted our readers to have one reliable place to find out about sustainable consumption. We not only look at sustainable features of products or services but even look at overall sustainability, environmental practices of the organization we support. For now we are focusing only on sustainable products or services available in UAE. UAE Vision 2021 for sustainable Development includes Green consumerism and we are happy to do our bit to support it.

Industry Insights is section dedicated to overall sustainability industry which include Renewable Energy, Sustainable Development and Green Buildings, Industry news. Blog’s Author Amruta, being only qualified ‘sustainability professional cum writer’ in UAE is invited to all major sustainability events, launch of initiatives and international conferences taking place in UAE, so under this section you can find what happens in those event from first hand perspective.

In CSR section under Industry Insights we support organizations, who are taking concrete efforts to make their business environmentally and socially sustainable.

B2B Products and Services is the place where we are writing about sustainable products and services specially meant for Business to Business. Professionally Amruta has been actively involved in sustainable supply chain and procurement, so using that experience she will be writing about these B2B products and services to spread the word.

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Original Sustainability Tribe

Sustainability Tribe starts with our little family of 3, we call it ‘sustainable family’. Both of us husband and wife have been working as sustainability consultant in the field of sustainable development since more than 10 years. Our friends and colleagues also call us Mr. and Mrs. Sustainability! So it was very natural that we adopted sustainable lifestyle smoothly at our home. Sustainability is such a big part of our life at home and at work that after birth of our son, we could easily find out our own path of making him Eco-aware and figure out green parenting in our own style.

Sustainability Tribe was previously known and loved as Green Living in Dubai, when it started in 2009; there was huge confusion in minds of people about ‘Eco-friendly’. Many businesses opted for ‘green-washing’ their businesses and products, therefore Amruta, founder of sustainability tribe decided to contribute her knowledge and educate people in UAE about region-specific sustainability. In Sustainability there is no one size fits all solution, especially when we are talking of desert ecosystem of Arabian desert. Sustainability requirements in region are so much different than Europe, Americas and even rest of Asia.

Slowly UAE residents started following our journey of sustainable lifestyle and started asking us their related questions. Sustainability Tribe created a dialogue of sustainability at consumer end. Our Tribe grew over the years, many readers joined in and some sustainable brands and businesses joined our sustainability dialogue.

So by now in 2017, we thought it was time to call our Tribe of Eco-minded people in UAE and beyond, ‘Sustainability Tribe’!

If you think, this is where you belong too then go ahead and Join our Tribe!

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