DIY Denim Storage: Re-purpose Old Jeans in 15 Minutes

Like every year, I declutter my home during Ramadan. The positive vibe of this month is one reason I feel like doing something good for my home and other is, you can easily find many charity donation boxes around the city. So when you declutter, you can just visit any mall and donate your unwanted goods like clothes, toys, bags, shoes during Ramadan(donate only items which are in a good condition). If you are observing Ramadan, don’t forget to read here how to make your Ramadan Green!

This year being my #nofashionshopping year, I am not buying any new fashion items so I hardly had any items to giveaway. Most of the items I donated were either my son’s toys or his clothes. Plus some old fleece blankets as we have stopped using fleece blankets last year to make our bedroom healthier. I had few old torn jeans, which were not in good condition for donation. But Since I started #ZeroWasteUAE Initiative (read here about it) I am reducing waste and frankly even otherwise can’t throw away a pair of jeans, as you can make use of it in so many ways. So today I decided to reuse the old jeans to make some storage bin for the home.


The best part about this old jeans DIY storage is it’s super easy, quick and looks great!

Things you need

Old Jeans


Thread and needle for hand stitching (Or sewing machine but not necessary)

Iron on patches of your choice or buttons for decoration




Step 1

Cut the bottom of one leg. Mark lines and hand stitch as shown in the photo.

Step 2

Fold inside out, mark a small line as shown in photo and stitch. If you have a sewing machine it can be done in a minute or two. If you are hand stitching like me it won’t take more than 5 minutes.

Step 3

Now fold back and your denim bowl is almost ready.

Fold the edges and mark where you need to add some decoration like Iron on a patch or oversized buttons etc.

I used this red bird Iron patch from Dioso.  You just need to heat your iron, place the patch and iron-on, quick and easy.

You can use it anywhere in your home storing toys, jewelry, cosmetics, on a desk, to store wallet and keys, just get creative! Let’s reduce waste from the landfill by reusing, repurposing and recycling!  Put your heavy duty pair of jeans to work even after an end of life!


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What a great idea for worn jeans! I wear my clothes until they are threadbare so most cannot be donated, I have a big pile in the closet waiting to be repurposed. This is an easiness to start!

Wow! You are so crafty. Sharing this with my Mom. She will love it.

This is a super easy DIY hack and just in time for Ramadan. Thanks for sharing!


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