Meet Amruta

Hi, I am Amruta, Thank you for visiting my blog!

I am a Sustainability Professional. I have worked on many green building projects in the Middle East as the LEED AP or Estidama PQP. While working as Sustainability Project Manager on sustainable development (green building) projects in UAE and Middle East, I came across many professionals in the construction industry who were unaware of basics of sustainability. That is when I realized the need for sustainability awareness in the society. So I considered it’s my social responsibility to make fellow UAE residents aware of sustainability and this is how Sustainability Tribe Started!

My journey of Living sustainable in Dubai and writing about it started in 2009. I strongly believe in practicing what you preach! I share simple, attainable UAE-specific sustainability hacks to my readers, of course, tried and tested by me first!

The seed of this thought was first sown when I landed in UAE, back in 2005. I noticed at that time how UAE is a consumer’s paradise. To me, the people in UAE felt almost like compulsive consumers. Keeping AC on throughout the year, taking cars everywhere they go, going for shopping just because it’s weekend, are some of the things that have bothered me. When I used to enquire about UAE’s natural environment, everyone used to remark ‘nature, what nature is here?’ or ‘there is nothing in the desert, just sand’ or similarly. So my husband and I went on a 7 Emirates tour, to explore the natural beauty of UAE on our own. I found so much variety of geographical forms in UAE and rich biodiversity in places like mangroves and even desert. That prompted me to start spreading environmental awareness in UAE.

Nature for me is always a home, I can pack my bag just in an hour if somebody asks me to go on a camping trip! My husband even calls me a cave woman!

Over the years I worked and volunteered for many environmental groups and agencies in UAE like WWF-Emirates Wildlife Society, Emirates Marine Environmental Group, Emirates Environmental Group to make good use of my spare time and also to learn more and more about the local environment. That is how my love story with local environment started.

I believe if one wants to change the world for better, it should start from that person. So here’s my effort to make my family’s living sustainable; while taking my readers along on my journey of sustainable living!


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