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Good Morning you all! Past few months I am on a quest of making my home healthy for my toddler. We spend most of our time at home so it becomes necessary to keep Indoor Environment of our home healthy!

First most important thing in maintaining Indoor Air Quality the routine is regular cleaning of AC filters. To make sure we are not breathing an impure air recirculated through lot of dust and bacteria. Only clean AC filters are efficient in filtering dust and airborne pollutants. We get our AC filters cleaned at least twice a year, one of it is just before summer. During winter we don’t use AC and keep our windows open to get fresh air. But then cleaning fine dust becomes a big task, when your windows are open.

UV Lights

So to keep good indoor air quality, next task is getting rid off dust and dust-mites at home. Though we do dusting, vacuuming, moping everyday at home, this is not enough to keep our home dust free. The mattress, rugs, upholsters at our home becomes pool of dust, dust mites, bacteria, mold and fungi. These impurities can cause symptoms and diseases such as hay fever, coughing, red eyes, allergies and many more including even asthma. The fine dust in UAE is also one of the top reason of frequent cold, flue and respiratory diseases.
The regular domestic vacuum cleaner is insufficient to thoroughly clean those mattresses, sofas and rugs. Frequent changing of sheets and covers is not enough to overcome this problem I can tell you from my experience. If you smell your mattress, which you used for few years, it doesn’t smell fresh. You can almost smell the dust!

Captured Dust

But since yesterday our mattress is smelling fresh and I got the peace of mind while sleeping that I am not sleeping on a mattress full of dust :). Thanks to professional sanitizing staff from The Healthy Home!

They came with a kind of industrial vacuum machine which has 11 times the suction power of your regular off-the-shelf product. It also confines 99.97% of the extracted dust mites and other dirt particles through special Hypo Allergen High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, preventing them from spreading again in the room. They showed us the amount of dust they collected in just one patch on mattress and our eyes widen in shock!

After the removal of the waste particles containing dead skin, dust mites , hair, food and other dried bodily fluids from mattress and pillows, they applied their exclusive medical grade sanitizing device that uses powerful Ultra Violet light to destroy DNA, eliminating any remaining dust mites, bacteria, mold and other pathogens, leaving the mattress sanitized. They told me 10 second exposure to this machine is equivalent to 48 hours of direct sunlight!

This two steps mattress sanitizing process was surprisingly very quick, just 15-20 minutes. But made sense looking at those powerful machines they used. The treatment was completely dry and chemical free. Good news is you don’t have to do any preparation for it apart from clearing your mattress (if you tend to throw clothes and towels on it ;)). Nothing is required to do afterwards as well. I would recommend their service from my experience. This kind of service was not previously available here, so I appreciate Mr. Jaber for making this kind of service available in UAE, which is necessary for keeping us and our homes healthy!

Please visit for more information or call them on 800 SANITIZE (800 7264 8493).

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