Natural Play Dough

Hi all mommy readers, I have found a green product which your kids are going to love!
Which kid doesn’t like playing with play dough? My mom tells me when I was a kid even I used to play with roti dough while my mom made roties. But now a days these colorful play dough are so convenient for us to give to our children anytime and great tool to teach them colors, shapes, words and what not.
My son and me made grapes out of My Baby Jay, yummy? 🙂

We make all our favorite fruits out of play dough, but on weekends daddy makes cars, trucks and many creative things. So you see, not just little one in family but whole of our family loves making things out of play dough :-)! But of course vibrant colored play dough bought from market contains chemicals, colors which can be harmful, so you need to wash your kid’s hands after every use. Having meal time while playing with dough is not possible at all.

But since we started using ‘My Baby Jay’; a naturally made, nontoxic homemade play dough; my concerns of my son’s safety reduced significantly. Adriana Baba founder of My Baby Jay is a KG teacher and knows pros and cons about playing with dough. When her son was too young to play with store bought dough, she decided to make her own play dough and that is how My Baby Jay is born. This nontoxic dough made with love of a mother can last for 2-3 months. Adriana shared the ingredients with us, which are Flour, salt, water, oil, food coloring, vegetable oil and cream of tartar. They come in containers of 25g, 110g and 1kg at very reasonable price. Check their Facebook page for prices and delivery information here.
You don’t need to store these containers in fridge, we just need to store the dough in it’s container and seal it after every use. Adriana tells us, The play dough has been slightly coated with oil to preserve it. It is all natural and will disappear into the play dough once the children play with it. You can find their amazing collections of play dough recent fruits series, past Christmas series on their Facebook page (listed above). They take customized order too, this play dough can definitely be ‘green return favors’ for a ‘green birthday’ or a ‘green gift’ for birthday boy or girl!
We tried these!

We got to try 2 vanillas white, blue and a purple grape flavor. The smell of those are so good, I couldn’t resist but dig my hands in those along with my son ;). Our experience of using it was awesome, it is as good as store bought one. Clean, safe, Not sticky at all, doesn’t get dry quickly and you can make amazing things out of it. Of course you can’t get those vibrant colors in home made dough, but you are not compromising with your baby’s safety by letting him play with natural, nontoxic dough. We are totally in love with this product after we tried and tested it. It is truly nontoxic, natural play dough and deserves place in out Green Directory! I would recommend all the mamas out their to try using it and you will never buy it from store again. My Baby Jay definitely ‘sends love in each play dough’!
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