No Bottled Water. We Drink Filtered Tap Water In UAE

Since some time now my day starts with clicking the heating button on my water filter every morning. It won’t be an exaggeration if I say this new water filter at our home is a big part of our life now, yes I am a big fan of my Waterclub! Waterclub is a high-quality tap water filter but with lots useful features. I am so glad to introduce all my readers to this water filter which I tried & tested over two months now.

No More Bottled Water

The best part is, thanks to this water filter, I could get rid off (& recycle) all plastic bottles in my life for good! As part of #ZeroWasteUAE I carry my glass or stainless steel reusable water bottle everywhere, which I fill up at home with filtered tap water.

So for going Zero Waste in UAE or even for a simple healthy living, tap water filter is Sustainability Tribe’s top rated product, a must have in UAE! Plus, any plastic bottle (5 gallon or small 0.5 liters) and even a BPA-free bottle, once gets exposed to extreme heat in UAE and there is always a big risk of chemicals leaching in drinking water, which makes water not safe to drink.

Now as we all know UAE has one of the highest plastic bottled water consumption per capita in the world, 259.7 liters in 2007, according to the Beverage Marketing Corporation, a US consultancy. UAE’s Recycling giant Beeah has estimated each resident uses up to 450 plastic water bottles a year. Out of these plastic bottles, 80% of water bottles are not recycled. So now imagine how much plastic waste we create just by drinking bottled water in UAE. Even if we achieve 100% of recycling, which will take many years to come in reality but the fact is plastic has a limitation on recycling. Within few recycling cycles, we end up getting a product which can not be used further for any application.

Especially when tap water in Dubai is completely safe to drink and is of one of the better quality water in the world, Sustainability Tribe has confirmed with DEWA during an event last year, click here to read. Only when the DEWA water enters in our buildings or villas, that’s where it gets contaminated, as the water tanks & plumbing is not maintained to keep the water quality intact. That is why we need a water filter and this filtered tap water is completely safe to drink & even less toxic than bottled water.


Why WaterClub Filter?

There are many water filters in the market, but I preferred working with Water Club for their real commitment to sustainability & quality of filtered water. Water Club Pure is multistage tap water filter which includes Carbon block filter cartridge & UV Filter Lamp. This filter is directly connected to the tap water. Once the water is filtered we have three options chilled water, heated water & ambient temperature. The filter doesn’t take much space on the kitchen counter but you can stop using your electric kettle like me, as you can get as much as hot or boiled water from water club. It takes just the usual time like a kettle to boil the water plus heated water button has a child-lock. So I never have to worry about my son getting any burns when he’s filling up his water cup (which he likes to do a lot). He even started drinking more water, after we installed water club.

Heating & Cooling are not the only features we liked in Waterclub, what we liked the most about water club over other tap water filters is that Water club is designed by using a lot of sustainability principles. The cooler of water club is CFC-free. This water filter is not just energy efficient, but it even sleeps at night to save energy. I have set up the timer for this sleep feature so my Waterclub sleeps every night. The filter of water club need to replace once in 6 months, but they are 100% recyclable! Just drop MAXI filter into your plastics recycling bin and the UV filter lamp into your glass recycling bin. Water filtered using Waterclub is tested by DEWA & SGS, you can have a look at the test certificates on their website here.

The design of Water club is not just sustainable but smart & sleek. There is a detachable drip tray, which is very useful when my son is filling up his cup and the cup overflows most times. This water I use for cleaning here and there at home. But when I need to fill up water bottles or our copper water jug I just remove the drip tray. There is one really useful option of selecting cup size for mixed temp water, we don’t drink cold water much so we have set up it to the room temperature. So when I fill up big jars, I don’t have to stand there till the jar is filled, I just need to press the button for cup size portion a few times while doing other things.

When I talked to Mr. Omar Chappuise CEO of Collector Consulting for the first time, I was happily surprised to see how much importance he gives to going green in his business! He even mentioned to me about renting the water club filters, which can be truly sustainable, especially for those who are going to stay for a short time in town & can reduce plastic waste, by using such water filtration systems by renting it.

They also have another type of filter, Water Club Pronto, which has a similar design only this filtration system is stand alone without the need of water connection to the line. Instead, you can fill up a water tank in Pronto and keep it anywhere in office or home. Mr. Omar is always busy improvising his products so recently he added 2 attachable tanks to Pronto to increase the capacity, which can fill up to 15 liters of water.

Collector consulting provides prompt maintenance services to their products along with filters change. The installation of Water club is quick too.

All the water filters from Waterclub come with BPA-free tumblers but to keep my home plastic free I didn’t accept their plastic tumbler. I would like to mention here why I use my reusable copper water jug, not just part of my #ZeroWasteUAE initiative but these copper water containers also have numerous health benefits according to ancient Ayurveda even though there no modern medical studies to prove these benefits.

Save Money with Tap Water Filter

Collector Consulting provided me one interesting statistics which compares the price of different brands of bottled water over Waterclub water filter over the period of 1 year & 5 years. I am sharing that statistics to show you not just how much money you save by installing a tap water filter, but more importantly how much plastic waste you can reduce by drinking filtered tap water.

Statistics provided by Collector Consulting


What is the Taste difference between Filtered Tap Water & Bottled Water?

For me, pure water is supposed to be tasteless, odorless & we should feel the freshness of the water after drinking it. This last part is always missing in plastic bottled water, I never feel that freshness & then feel like drinking cold water just to feel fresh & energetic. I am sure some of you can relate to what I am saying. But since I am drinking filtered tap water, all my complaints about water taste are gone, this water is just perfect! Tasteless, odorless & fresh (at least freshly filtered).

Instead of buying water which comes from far off countries with a lot of carbon footprint, I prefer making my own water. When people talk about sustainable living, we focus mainly on local food, but I say you can start living sustainable in UAE only if you drink local water without plastic bottles.

You can buy WaterClub water filtration system from WaterClub.AE. Don’t forget to use code ‘SUSTRIBE’ & claim your free cap to protect you this summer from Waterclub on your purchase.

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Abigail {}

Thank you for the recommendation. We have been looking for one and would consider this.

I like that idea of using a filter.

Zeyna S. - Mummy On My Mind

That’s great! We have a water filter system too, attached to our kitchen tap pipe, so we use the filtered water for drinking as well as cooking, and any other water uses around the house. It’s great, and I am so glad we made the switch to filtered water to reduce bottle usage.


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