Preschool Learn and Play Eco-friendly Way

As my son is growing older, he is demanding more engaging play time. I keep finding different ways to entertain him through which he can also learn things and won’t lose his interest too soon in the activity. I make sure these fun learning activities will make my preschooler eco aware too. Here are few such activities we do regularly.

Firstly when we go outdoors, even if it is just the outdoor landscape area around our building, I let my boy explore nature surrounding him. Let him pick up leaves, collect stones, run behind birds. His clothes get dirty sometimes, but I let him select his natural toy instead of carrying his own toys when we go outdoors. He has learned singing ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ by watching stars on most of the evenings last winter. It is beautiful to watch when he is mindful of ants queuing in the park. He even talked to them few things and said bye to them 🙂


All kids love to play with colors. But instead of giving him drawings to fill up colors all the time, I prefer giving him blank papers and let his imagination fly freely. Coloring with fingers is messy but fun and they get to explore the texture as well. I always select toxic free colors and then we use vegetables like okra, potato, carrot, onion for stamping. Click here to read about child-safe natural paints.

Learning numbers

Counting numbers with stones

My son loves to collect stones and dry sticks from outdoors. We always let him play with it. When he brings those stones and sticks and other natural toys I store them and let him play with them even at home. He loves to learn to count numbers with stones especially so I give him these fridge magnets to recognize the numbers.


We create music out of anything, though it can get noisy sometimes it develops creativity in kids. Ruhaan loves making music out of his green toys like stones and using dry sticks on a drum. Whenever we go out I always draw his attention to the surrounding sounds like the chirping of birds, flowing water basically music of nature. It helps them to develop their attention and mindfulness. Watch this video, where my son is playing Bamboo Xylophone

Watch this video, where my son is playing Bamboo Xylophone in the rainforest of Bali when he was just 1.5 years old. Click here to read about our Family Eco-travel to Bali a with young child.

Learning colors and shapes

The best way to learn colors and shapes is to go outdoors. From my experience, kids learn fast the colors of trees, sky, flowers etc than what they see in books. It’s better to give those tiny eyes the whole world around them to observe and learn than keeping them in just four walls. They even understand and memorize the shapes better when they touch them so next time your child is lifting a round stone, let your child do that.

Arts & Crafts

All children love sticking activity. To create art, first, we visit outdoors, park, beach and collect natural collectibles like feathers of birds, dried leaves, and flowers etc. Then all I do is give him glue stick, blank paper, and all his collectibles. He loves to stick them on paper and creates art from his imagination.

College out of natural collectibles

I am sure most of the readers must have remembered their childhood after reading this post. We were exposed to nature and outdoors far more than our kids in this digital era. So it is more important now that we take efforts and motivate our children to play outdoors more, or let them play with natural items than just dumping them with iPads, don’t you think?

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