Sleep Well With Oni’s Organic Cotton Bedding

Do you know what is my best childhood memory? It’s sleeping with a blanket made from my grandma’s old saree on a cold winter night listening to the stories from my grandma! The blanket is called ‘Godhadi’ in Marathi. It’s generally made from old 9-yard cotton saree, it has to be made out of used saree then only it’ll be soft like a feather. As I started growing up, these traditional blankets replaced by ready-made blankets. It became increasingly difficult to find those craftsmen in the city who used to stitch those blankets for us in our veranda.


Why Organic Cotton Bedding?

Here in Dubai, we used those popular fluffy fleece blankets which are generally made of polyester or acrylic blend with cotton or wool. But when my son started getting sick with frequent cold and cough. Like many UAE residents, I first blamed it on AC and then the suspended dust in UAE’s air. But it made me think over and over again and I used my professional knowledge to audit indoor quality of our home. I even re-confirmed my concerns with our pediatrician and decided to switch to only natural bedding material and stopped using all bedding pieces which were made from synthetic material. The synthetic fibers from bedding loosen up and start floating in the air, which adds to particulate pollution to our indoor air, the same air circulates again and again with little fresh air added to it. If our AC filters are not of good quality or not cleaned & replaced frequently, our indoor air quality is compromised. For a sensitive person or especially in children this can add to respiratory problems.

We even tried a quilt with cotton cover, which can be cleaned & changed frequently. But the filling of the quilt is generally is a synthetic material, not a sustainable option. The quilt also needs dry-cleaning which means exposure to more toxins during the dry cleaning process. Using quilt also means turning AC on high power to avoid feeling hot and consuming more energy. Overall quilts are not a really eco-friendly option in UAE’s climate.

After a lot of trials, I came to a conclusion that I need a bedding set which has to be

  1. Made from the Natural fiber. Cotton is best to fit for all seasons in UAE.
  2. Organic Cotton makes bedding healthy and sustainable.
  3. Needs to be light which can be used in UAE’s summer months
  4. Machine washable and should not require dry cleaning to avoid toxins during care.

I sourced a Dohar from India during my trip back home, but thanks to Oni Earth Kind Fabrics, the sustainable, ethical, organic cotton bedding is now available in UAE.

Oni Earth Kind Fabrics Organic Cotton Bedding

Oni’s bedding is 100% GOTS-certified pure organic cotton and printed with vegetable, non-toxic dyes. Global Organic Textile Standard this standard ensures organic status of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labeling in order to provide a credible assurance to the end consumer. Organic cotton is produced without chemical fertilizers or pesticides and requires much less water than conventional cotton. The result is a cotton that is softer to touch and better for environmental sustainability.

It is very easy to purchase products from Oni Earth Kind Fabric, just click here for their website and you can shop online. Within a few days, you will get delivered to your doorstep. When I received a courier from Nea I was thoroughly impressed by her sustainability commitment. The bedding pieces were packed plastic free in reusable cotton bags with some fragrant potpourri hidden inside with a plantable message card signed by Nea for me.

When I saw photos of Jaipur Mint Quilt I fall in love with it but when I touched & felt super soft Ottoman poppy Dohar I was in two minds. It’s ridiculously difficult to narrow down on one product if you are touching and seeing the whole range. The quilts are thicker than the Dohars so are good for winter months. Dohars are thinner and are great blankets for summer months. Dohars remind me so much of my childhood and so glad that these are now available in UAE. I would say Dohars is a must have cotton blankets for every household in UAE. These very soft and cozy summer blankets which can also reduce your electricity bills. You can set your A/C on 24-23 degrees centigrade and sleep well with these Dohars, no need to make your bedroom as cold as Ski Dubai! I also totally loved Jaisalmer Kalamari Kantha bedspread, you can use it on the both side. So it’s like purchasing two bedspreads.


The best part about Oni fabrics is you can put them in the machine for gentle washing cycle or hand wash and air dry, no need to soak, bleach or dry clean. Make sure to use natural soap or plain detergent, remember the dyes on the products are either natural dyes or REACH certified azo-free, non-toxic dyes.


Traditional Indian Textile Making Techniques

Mark & Nea founder of Oni Earth Kind Fabrics have a motto of kindness; for the natural environment, for the people who make their fabrics and for the people who use them. This couple’s love for designing and producing their products is remarkable. They have collected motifs for their design during their travels, they personally visit and source the work from the local craftsmen & women in Rajasthan who create these fabrics using traditional Indian textile making techniques.

Stitching Kantha Bed Spread

All their products like Dohars, Kanthas & Quilts are printed, dyed & stitched by hand and made in small workshops rather than large factories. So I am sure now you must be interested in knowing how these products are made by ethical, fair-trade small businesses in Rajasthan.

In ancient hand block printing technique, a motif is carved into a hard wood such as Sheesham (Indian Rosewood) to create a design in relief. The woodblock is dipped in dye and stamped by hand onto fabric.

Hand Block Printing

In Dabu printing technique, a special clay-mud mixture is prepared and applied to the fabric using a wood block. After the clay is dry, the fabric is dipped into a dye solution (usually indigo or madder) then washed to remove the clay, revealing a reverse print pattern, similar to the batik method. This technique is now practiced only in Bagru village outside Jaipur.

Today the only small number of artisans in India use traditional plant based dye-making. In this ancient technique, dyes are made out of vegetables and minerals such as indigo, madder root, and turmeric.


After reading this I am sure, you will be interested in checking their designs. You can also contact them on this number  971 52 842 1601 or write to them (INFO@ONIFABRICS.COM). Oni Earth Kind Fabric is a great example of UAE’s homegrown slow fashion brand which has in the true sense brought a responsible and sustainable bedding products to our door steps.

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