Tips For A Green Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem from Sustainability Tribe! The Holy month of Ramadan is the month to reflect and practice kindness! Kindness, not just towards others but also towards Mother Nature! Letting go of your bad habits and developing good habits is a big part of observing Ramadan, then why not to make your Ramadan more sustainable? Let’s be mindful of effects of our actions on the environment & our surrounding this Ramadan. You can even start a sustainable lifestyle during this month when you are practicing self-control.

Here is your quick guide on how to make your Ramadan Eco-friendly.

Ways To Reduce Food Waste In Ramadan

As we are all aware the food waste during Ramadan increases by 30% in UAE. Ramadan is the time to gather with family and friends for Iftars, but while doing so let’s not forget those 870 million people in our world who go to bed hungry. It’s important not to waste food to save our resources and to help to solve the hunger problem.

So how can you reduce food waste especially during Ramadan? Here are some ways, these tips can be applied throughout the year.

At home

  1. Make a list of grocery shopping and stick to it to avoid excess shopping.
  2. Don’t buy perishable items in bulk just because there is a good deal.
  3. Try to go to grocery shopping after having a meal. I practice this myself & it has helped me a lot to reduce excess food shopping.
  4. Practice Empty Fridge Day at your home to reduce food waste in the fridge. Read here my tried and tested practice of Empty Fridge Day
  5. Cook meals in sufficient quantity, try to avoid cooking in excess.

Iftar Buffets at Restaurants

  1. If you want to go for Iftar Buffet, opt for restaurants which are taking efforts to reduce food waste & promote sustainable food. Read here a great example of Dubai restaurant at Pullman Deira City Center, who have installed a technology from Winnow Solutions to reduce food waste in their kitchen.
  2. At an Iftar buffet, when you see a great spread, it’s difficult to control your urge of tasting numerous items. Just make sure that you are serving yourself a smaller portion to reduce the food waste. It’s better to get up and go up to the Iftar buffet a few times more than wasting food. This breaks will also help you judge your appetite more correctly and will help you reducing overeating.
  3. Give attention to how much food your kids are serving themselves on their plate. Most of the food on children’s plate at buffet get wasted. It is a great opportunity to teach them about food waste and be mindful about it.

Ramadan Donation

Donating is a big part of Ramadan. So try to donate to charities and NGOs which do environmental conservation work along with other humanitarian charities. Many charities keep donation drop off boxes in many malls in UAE, where you can donate most of your unwanted stuff like clothes, books, toys, shoes, bags.

Many people do cleaning up of their homes before or during Ramadan, so don’t throw away your unwanted items. Find these charity boxes and drop off your donations. Read here the list of charities in UAE where you can donate your unwanted items.

My son donating his toys at donation box in a mall.

Ramadan Sharing Fridge

With the aim of inspiring people with a small act of kindness, Ramadan sharing fridge initiative is started under the umbrella of Emirates Red Crescent, Open Arms UAE and with help of community. Basically, anyone can set up a fridge and anyone can donate unexpired food and drinks in preferably pre-packed portion sizes and fill up these fridges and less privileged people in the community, workers have access to these fridges during hot summer days.

You can find more about this initiative and how you can contribute through their Facebook page here. On the same page, you will also find the location of Ramadan sharing fridges where you can donate food and drinks.

Ramadan Sharing Fridge Locations


Zero Waste Ramadan

Our tribe has started #ZeroWasteUAE Initiative and I would urge my readers don’t forget to keep it going during Ramadan to make it a ‘Zero Waste Ramadan’ this year. Here are some very Ramadan specific waste free tips for you.

  1. Ride public transport and catch up on your sleep. This way you can reduce carbon emission & waste of resources.
  2. If you are hosting Iftar, ditch plastic, and foam disposable items. Use bamboo or palm wears or paper disposable items or even better use reusable items.
  3. If you want to shop for Ramadan and upcoming Eid, invest in reusable, recyclable and sustainable goods. Don’t forget your reusable shopping bags at home.
  4. Buy as much local produce or produce from nearby countries to reduce the carbon footprint of your food.
  5. Start a ‘Zero Waste Iftar challenge’ and spread it among your friends and family.

The mass iftar meets in UAE can create large plastic trash. Selecting paper disposables and keeping recycling bins nearby can help to reduce this plastic waste.

Green Eid Gifts

There are sales and discounts in all the shopping malls in UAE during Ramadan. Many people go for gift shopping for Eid during Ramadan. If you want to make your Ramadan and Eid celebration Eco-friendly, you need to even choose Eco-gifts.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Eco-friendly Eid Gifts can include locally produced items, gift vouchers of sustainable brands. You can find here is a list of some Eco-friendly products available in UAE which can help you staring sustainable lifestyle. My top recommendation for this Ramadan’s gift is Dubai Lamp, world most energy efficient LED lamp just launched in UAE and is available in leading supermarkets and department stores. A must for your Ramadan lantern, which can help you save you up to 90% of energy than traditional lamps.

Hope you will find these tips helpful in making your Ramadan green. If you like the results after trying these tips and want to start a sustainable lifestyle, read here and to join our tribe subscribe here.

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