Wipe out waste campaign 2009

In UAE, a local paper Gulf News has started a campaign recently ‘Wipe Out Waste’
And residents are supporting this campaign by reducing wastes in their regular routine.
There are some interesting articles explaining how to wipe out wastes. After reading those articles I find it is in line with my Green Living campaign! So I am also a supporter of Wipe Out Waste campaign by Gulf News, and I’ll follow zero waste lifestyle! Below is given link to Gulf news online paper.

UAE govt. has already declared to build green buildings is compulsory. The authority of water and electricity of Dubai (DEWA) has issued some energy saving tips for residents (I found the booklet in Global Village, and I am quite impressed by seeing UAE oriented energy saving tips which can be used in everyday routine). Last year under Go Green campaign, Gulf news urged to ‘say no to plastic bags’. They gifted jute bags to all their subscribers, the bags are really good looking and useful. (But people are still using plastic bags in supermarket). I think cheap jute/ cloth/ paper bags is the solution, because in market those green bags are above AED 30!
UAE really needs to go green, one gets a real high life here, spending more energy and heavy on pocket, which means no saving (in any way ;)..).
Good to see that Local governments, news papers, many local organisations, businesses and even residents of UAE are going GREEN!

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