20 places to donate your Junk UAE

UAE is the shopper’s heaven, so residents here keep buying things without giving a second thought. Many times they don’t even think if do they really need it or what to do with this when it will be of no use. Thanks to luxuries in UAE  people put on weight and can’t fit in their old clothes in just months after arriving here. Many people keep changing wardrobe according to new fashion trends! Changing personal electronic devices or even changing home interior is common here.

Finding repair shops is difficult here or sometimes repair cost is so high so people end up buying new things just because they can’t fix the item they already have at a good price.

Around 80% of UAE population is expats. Generally, a small number of people buy a house & stay in that house for many years. Otherwise, most people keep moving from one place to other inside UAE or expats also keep moving out of UAE.

The result of all these habits or trends, there is a big junk problem in UAE. Many a time, we know the things are now junk for us are still useful for others so we keep carrying them in store/garage from one house to another for years. Most people throw them away. You always get to see things in good condition, lying around garbage bins.

Some kind people give away things to watchmen, domestic help or to charities stall in malls during the holy month of Ramadan. I used to do the same, but keeping things for a year to wait till these stalls coming up again doesn’t solve junk problem at your home. I have given away so many things to the watchman and domestic helpers that they started saying they don’t have enough space to keep those things.

So to solve the junk problem once and for all, I made this list of charities in UAE where they accept second-hand stuff from you & distribute it to less fortunate people.

1. Bait Al Khair

You can drop your unwanted furniture, clothing, toys etc at any center of Bair Al Khair.

2. Al Ihsan Charity Center

This center provides help to those families who lost their breadwinner due to death, divorce, negligence, jail sentence or deportation. The center provides these families necessities like new/used furniture, kitchen appliances, clothing, shoes, personal items in addition to the assistance to acquire their health cards & medical prescriptions, schooling supplies for children.

3. Dar Al Ber Society

Your unwanted medicines as long as they are sealed, unused & not expired are accepted & redistributed to needy people. You need to drop off the medicines at their location. They also accept used household items like furniture.

4. Holy Trinity Thrift Centre, Oud Metha

You can donate your unwanted things to Holy Trinity Thrift Centre in Oud Metha, which they sell at a very low price.

5. Aid in Motion

It’s started by volunteers in Dubai and calls for donation during a crisis. Their volunteers are dotted around the city. They come and pick up your donated stuff. Read my experience of donating unwanted stuff to Aid in Motion


6. Clothes & Shoes Donation Boxes

You get to see clothes banks dotted around communities in Dubai. It’s convenient place to drop old clothes, shoes, bags. These items are distributed to needy people or sold at low price to raise funds for charity. I am using these bins since 2 years now.

7. Maria Christina Foundation

They accept all personal & household stuff including furniture, clothes etc. You can call their personnel in Bur Dubai/ Mirdiff/Um Suqueim. For more info & contact nos. click

8. Donate Books

You can donate books at Old Library. Their working hours, Saturday to Thursday: 10 AM to 6 PM. Call them at 04 341 4777

9. Donate Pet supplies & food

If you have unwanted pet supplies and pet food, you can donate it to K9Friends and Feline Friends.

10. Emirates Red Crescent

This is also a familiar name, we get to see their donation boxes specially during Ramadan. Emirates Red Crescent help other countries during the crisis time like natural disaster.

11. Rags to Riches

It’s a Facebook group, volunteers make clothes for needy people out of bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets, leftover clothes etc. They accept donation of these items.

12. Dubai Cares 

This charity is popular for old clothes donation, mainly because they place boxes in malls during time of Ramadan or any crisis.

13. Donate Hair

Have you thought of donating your hair after a haircut? You can help some cancer patient if you donate your hair. Volunteers in Dubai organized an event to donate hair previously, read article about it.

14. Donate Medicines

Dubai Health Authority pharmacies, healthcare centers and hospitals (Ex. Rashid, Latifa hospitals) accept new unopened as well as expired medicines. Residents can return these medications to DHA pharmacies located across Dubai at no cost. Expired medicines are disposed off with proper procedures and unexpired unopened medicines are checked and then donated to charities.

15. Freecycle

You can give away items for free on freecycle group. There are also Facebook groups for freecycle in Dubai & other emirates and a separate group for Abu Dhabi.

16. Al Noor special needs training center

You can donate items at their Al Barsha facility. They generally sell those items during events, to raise funds for their special needs training center. I dropped my son’s toys and books at their Al Barsha facility.

17. Spectacles/Goggles- Opticians in UAE

The old spectacles are accepted by various opticians in UAE, including Yateem Optician & Al Jaber Opticals. Hopefully they redistribute these spectacles to people with poor sight but can’t afford spectacles.


18. Take my junk

This is a private organization, collects junk from individuals & companies & redistribute to laborers. Some of the junk they sell to keep running their organization, the junk which is not usable they recycle. You can call on 800 junk to arrange a pickup, they will come & pick up your junk. The slogan of Take my junk rightly says, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”.



19. Second Hand Flea Markets

If you have a huge pile of unwanted items and want to get rid of it, booking a table in the flea market is a good idea. Flea markets are popular among taxi drivers, maids. You can sell you stuff for a low price or even give it away to whoever is interested to take it. Read my experience of getting rid of my unwanted household stuff at a second hand flea market.

20. Baby & Kids Items

Kids items are always so dear to us, so I am sure these ones pile up more than many other things. You can book a table at the baby bazaar, which takes place in many more locations now. This is a great way of selling pre-loved kids items.

This is not exactly charity, where you can donate stuff. But Dubai Municipality can help you to remove bulky waste such as furniture, appliances from your home’ instead of you throwing it away. I will recommend to use it as last resort especially when the bulky items are broken and can not be donated to any charity.


Now when you donate your unwanted stuff to the charity, you don’t just help people in need but you also help to reduce the landfill waste. You can read here some waste facts of UAE to get the idea how much waste is created in UAE.

Sustainability Tribe has launched #ZeroWasteUAE initiative to promote a wasteless, healthy and sustainable lifestyle in UAE, read here about it.  Don’t forget to subscribe here to join our Tribe!

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