Easy DIY Eco-friendly Christmas Ornaments

While walking in the garden yesterday my son started picking some fallen twigs, we even found few molted feathers! After coming home we kept our natural treasures in the dedicated basket, now we have a really good collection of natural collectibles you can find in UAE. It suddenly struck me how about creating our own Christmas decoration this year? When I asked my son, he jumped and said yes! So we decided to make a star for our Earth-friendly Christmas tree, an angel, and a snowflake! My son was totally excited about snowflake because his class in his school is named snowflakes!

What material do you need?

For this very easy Eco DIY, all you need is some twigs, jute yarn, feathers, shells and your imagination! It is not as easy for younger children, but it’s better to involve them and let them make their own decoration, great activity to develop their fine motor skills.

Molted Feathers


First I sorted twigs and branches. You need to cut the twigs to make it similar length for the star and cut the branches for equal size for the snowflake. But don’t worry if you can’t make them all of the same size, your Christmas decor will still look beautiful and rustic! I mostly could cut them with hand, as they were all dried twigs.

For star make two triangles by tying twigs together and then tie the two triangles in shape of a star.
For snowflake, you can tie two branches together on opposite sides and then tie these joined two branches with another set to make a cross. I just inserted feathers in the tied jute yarn of the snowflake.

Eco Christmas Ornaments- Star, Snowflake and Angel

For shell and feather angel, I made a small hole on the hinge of the shell. After tieing all feathers separately, close to each other on same jute yarn, insert that yarn into this hole and tied it that’s it. The angel for our Christmas tree is ready.

Shell and Feather Angel

I am really happy with my plastic free, handmade with natural materials; Eco-friendly Christmas ornaments! They are looking fabulous on our alternative Christmas tree. Read here all about of sustainable Christmas tree and how we celebrate our Eco-friendly Christmas.
Let us know in comments do you like our ornaments? If you tried it, how it went? Don’t forget to subscribe here to get more sustainable living tips in your inbox.

My son attempted to make his own snowflake with small twigs!  

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