Sustainability Tribe started #ZeroWasteUAE Initiative in 2017 with the aim of reducing waste in UAE and targeting healthier & more sustainable lifestyle.

Why #ZeroWasteUAE?

First, go to Waste Facts page to learn about the state of municipal waste in UAE and read how this waste is not just harming our environment but also affecting our health.

The recycling is still not very popular in UAE, we need to create awareness to develop good habits of recycling and segregating waste. This will definitely need a long time and investment in infrastructure, but while we wait for developments on that front why not to target root cause? Waste! Why not just start reducing waste and start consuming wisely? With this philosophy and with experience of reducing waste in UAE for more than a year, Sustainability Tribe started #ZeroWasteUAE Initiative. See how Sustainability Tribe continues their  #ZeroWasteUAE journey here.

Join #ZeroWasteUAE Initiative

Who can join #ZeroWasteUAE Initiative?

#ZeroWasteUAE initiative is targeted to reduce municipal waste, so everyone who contributes to municipal waste can join this initiative. Individuals, families, educational institutes, offices, media, all kind of small and large businesses (to name few F&B, Hospitality, retail etc).


How to Join #ZeroWasteUAE Initiative?

Simply by signing up

Join #ZeroWasteUAE Facebook Community Page

Follow #ZeroWasteUAE Instagram page for ideas on going Zero Waste in UAE.

For Businesses, contact amruta@sustainabilitytribe.com to enquire how to join and get all details & support.

Sustainability Tribe will provide training to reduce waste in your organization, which can help you reduce the cost of running your business. Joining #ZeroWasteuUAE initiative can also help your organization to reach your sustainability/CSR targets as well as to increase brand equity.

#ZeroWasteUAE Initiative Supporters & Partners can add this Badge to your site.

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