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The most questions and queries I receive every month from my readers are regarding Recycling as recycling is still a major market gap in UAE! But many people think that it is not possible to recycle in UAE so that is not true, if you know where to recycle in UAE, you can recycle most of your waste. I have been recycling in UAE since past 10 years and things are definitely getting better now. From my experience, it is a question of how aware residents are about recycling and the need

From my experience, it is mainly a question of how aware residents are about the need of recycling. Many people still don’t know that if they don’t recycle the recyclable items the waste ends up in the wild or in oceans creating harm to the Natural ecosystem of which we humans are also a part of. They don’t realize how many resources are wasted just by a small decision of every individual if he or she decides to just dump the waste in the waste bin instead of recycling it. The waste from our waste bins is in general taken to landfills around UAE in sits there adding more harm to the environment and in turn our health. Read here UAE’s Waste facts.

So it’s very important to segregate waste and follow right instructions while recycling. Read here a quick guide to correct way of recycling. Now once you know what you can recycle and what you can’t; you need to know where to recycle in UAE.

Where to Recycle in UAE?

Recycling In Sharjah

Sharjah is the recycling champion emirate in UAE. 84% of Sharjah’s municipal waste is recovered, all thanks to Beeah, read this post about what exactly Beeah is doing in Sharjah to achieve these great waste recycling numbers and even now have announced their target of going Zero waste!

Beeah Tandeef also has created solar powered smart recycling bins, which acts as wi-fi hotspots and also linked to Beeah’s control room to facilitate fast and efficient waste collection.

Beeah Tandeef also operates in Dubai, in places like DIFC, marina mall and in Abu Dhabi via a partnership with Tadweer.

Recycling In Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, you can find recycling stations in the city. Contact below organizations for your recycling needs

Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi

Tadweer, the center of waste management in Abu Dhabi has been collecting waste, sorting, and recycling it.

Averda has been collecting municipal waste and recyclables in Abu Dhabi since 2011.

Recycling in Dubai

In Dubai, you can find recycling stations installed by Dubai Municipality. In partnership with Dulsco, Dubai Municipality has started ‘My City My Environment’ initiative for homes or villas, through which the green bins are provided for recyclable collection. Otherwise, you can contact below organizations for your recycling needs

Emirates Environmental Group a has been running yearly campaigns with schools and also with UAE households for recyclable collection for quite a few years.

Homecycle, you can enroll with them for the free pick up of recyclables from your door, read here our experience with them.

Recycling for Businesses and Offices

Union Paper mills provide offices bins to collect waste papers for recycling. In one of the organizations I worked in past, I implemented a paper recycling policy with the help of Union Paper mills.

Nespresso offer to take back their aluminum coffee pods for recycling. My husband has implemented this in his office and happy with the results.

Green Truck is a waste collection service which can be used for communities and organizations

Here is a quick guide for you to help you go green at the office or implement go green policy in your office.

Speciality Recycling

Enviroserve provides specialty recycling services for e-waste, e-scraps, refrigerant gas.

Blue LLC has been collecting used cooking oil for recycling.

Recycling Organic Waste From Kitchen

UAE still lacks an infrastructure for organic waste recycling for residents. We don’t have a public compost facility, where people can take their organic or wet waste from the kitchen like food scraps. This organic waste is a big contributor towards methane emissions from landfills. You can not compost your organic waste if you don’t have your own compost unit. Again you can compost only when you have your own garden to feed your compost to. Very few people in UAE have their own compost unit which they use it for their garden. The farmers here do not accept compost from homes because they are not sure what has been added to the compost, but possibly municipality landscape department can accept compost from households?

Donations & Charities in UAE

Now most of the times, people throw away items which are still functioning well or in good condition just because they want to buy new ones or they no longer need them. So remember on man’s junk is another man’s treasure and donate those items in good condition to charities around UAE, who help the unprivileged people around the world. Click here for the list of 20 such charities and organizations, where you can donate your unwanted items.


Now if you are interested in trying Zero waste lifestyle like our family, here is a quick know how about what is reusing, repurposing and upcycling and here is a great resource for reusing your household items.

Also remember to reuse your own containers, bags while shopping. I have been practicing that over 1.5 years and after a short talk with store staff/supervisor or even manager in s, me cases I could avoid taking most of the packaging material home. This habit reduces the need for frequent recycling.

#ZeroWasteUAE Initiative

Don’t forget to read here our beginner’s guide to go zero waste in UAE. If you are wondering what is #ZeroWasteUAE initiative, read here.

For recycling businesses, please contact us here to get listed in this little black book of recycling in UAE and partner with #zerowaste UAE initiative

Organizations who want to target ‘zero waste’ can contact me here and I can help you to create & implement a zero waste strategy and you can join our social initiative of #ZerowasteUAE which will help you implementing and fulfilling your corporate sustainability goals.

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